Hello. Hello. Hello. What’s up? I’m always late with the blog updates. Me dumb. Now, onto other news! There was an idea. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together. WE are now a team. A freak computer guy. A crazy writer. A curious photographer. A witty poetess. And an impulsive designer.


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The freak computer guy aka Aditya Thakur, the crazy writer aka Arul Sood (guy on the right in the second slide!), the curious photographer aka Aryan Guleria, the witty poetess aka Irma Sharma and the impulsive designer aka Arshia Thakur.

A bunch of senior year high schoolers trying to be relevant.

The remodeling of this site doesn’t stop here. We launched a trailer on the twenty-second of March and boy, is it not good.

Recently, I’ve read a lot of life-advice notes from people, who haven’t yet made it out of high school. And boy are they not good! The next paragraph or two contain some of my weird thoughts I once told you I would write about. Boring science stuff and I reckon it must be ignored. Anyways, for the ones well acquainted to thermodynamics because of the shit-show that our education system is: a body gains freedom over the course of its existence and this freedom leads to the end of the thermodynamic process. Since human existence is a complex thermodynamic process, we gain freedom over the course of years.

Have you ever looked at the sun and sneezed? And then secretly wanted to do that again? Yes! Of course you have! When we sneeze, our heart stops beating but we want it anyways. It has a certain euphoria to it. Now here’s the fun part, when we die our heart stops beating! Connect the dots and you find out that human beings craving for freedom, as always, like to sneeze, which in turn implies that they like their heart being stopped for microseconds. What if death is the ultimate freedom we all desire?

That’s just some bullshit that crawled into my mind. It is not even relevant! As Rahul Subramaniyam would say, “Tereko pata hai mai kaise dreams dekhta hai? Unko follow krega na toh jail mein hoga mai, JAIL mein.”


Lets talk about something important! Why is the X-Force and the X-Men not a part of Avengers: Infinity War? Imagine the huge cross-over movie the justice league and the Avengers could be a part of!! This past week I binged on the entire MCU! And that’s not exactly a thing to be proud of, but meh.


This Monday, the brave souls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School led a pan-American movement against the gun lobby, the NRA and Started the #NeverAgain movement with the march for our lives!


The movement garnered support across the globe with even countries least affected by gun violence standing tall with the victims of the tragedy. And believe me, this is the once in a generation slap back to the government and the corporate gun lobby. Rest in power.

While these incidents usher our support, we seem oblivious to those around us. The media has been reduced to a mere propaganda unit in some cases and all that we know and all that we hear is a by-product of that. Mass enslavement by means of mass media. Some of us know of the Tibet problem and even fewer know of the actual problem.


Political kidnappings, executions and everything in between goes by and anyone hardly bats an eye. Even fewer people know of the self-immolations . Why? Because its simply not our problem. And we won’t know until it becomes ours.

The genocide in Syria is still happening and nobody cares because those weren’t our brothers and those weren’t our towns. Central India has a very heavy moaist/naxallite influence and until you dig deeper you won’t know why. We hate them because they kill our soldiers. Rightfully so. But who put them there? A corporate plot to encroach the  mineral rich land by the mining mafia, which runs with the complete support of the government has lead to the displacement of thousands if not lakhs of local tribal people. What do you do when your land is taken away? Your home is sacrificed. You raise a mutiny. Simple.

But the price is paid by the brave men and women who take an oath to protect the people of this nation. A classic text-book example of divide and rule. While the army is nowhere to be blamed, its the corporate agenda that has fueled this fight like many others around the world.

We live in wicked times And ignorance is how we will end. This. Is. The. Problem.

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Views expressed are personal.

God bles and good-bye.

The Chronicles of Feline Abutment

Howdy? I cannot apologize enough for this delayed blog update. But, now Spidy’s Blog is on Instagram and Facebook! Go show some love.


This past Sunday, I watched a movie called, “A Street Cat named Bob.” Based on a novel by the same name, crafted equivocally by James Bowen, you cannot not root for the struggling drug addict James. Yes! James. To an unacquainted viewer this indulgence appears to be mere fiction. But think not for one second that it is.

A street busker, an estranged child, and a morphine zealot, is what James is before a ginger cat, named Bob comes along! The motion picture takes you through, first the baby steps and then the giant strides forward in the journey James plunges into to come off clean. In all ways. You cannot help it when you espy yourself silently cheer for the two guardians standing tall for each other.


James and Bob in December 2013!

As this animal-human relationship takes its course, a diligent James treads his path forward into a new world, but not without human help. With his beau named Betty and a British support counselor, the feline factor keeps him going. The motion picture account of this survivor has all the innards in the right amount. The rebound sees no slowing up in cinematographic aspects and makes for a compelling watch without making this gripping story too filthy.

This entwined struggle sets room for light even in the darkest hour, keeping the audience on the edge at all moments. The run-down eventually sets up an aura of triumph.

God bless and good-bye.

Vaguely (Un)Interesting.


Hey ya’ll! Long time. Not really, but for the likes of me, Yeah definitely! Also, a new update on the blog status. From now on, one blog a week on Friday. Why Friday? I don’t know. Except that I’m writing something after a really long time and its FRIDAY. Good. Isn’t it?

So, lets talk about life. Ah, no spare me, and yourself the bullshit. Nobody likes taking advice from a sixteen year old. Yes. Happy Birthday to me. That was yesterday. So we aren’t talking about life. Or are we? C’mon chill!

Now for all the munchkins that are going to be writing exams in the coming few weeks, don’t worry. Actually you should. But just don’t. A suggestion.
Apparently you and I live in India, for those not from India, it may still sound relevant!

So, waddup and howdy? Anybody who feels like answering that; text me. I did post an instagram story a few days back talking about something big that was coming up. So, that something big kinda got ambushed and the guy I was in contact with over some actual business decided to shut me out. Bloody goras. But I did get into an agreement with a guy who posts really cool photographs on instagram. He’s my brother but the previous sentence is just cooler.

Lately I’ve been watching Sherlock. Actually very cool. And the source of some of the insults I meted out to people. See the thing with me is that I never really liked people. And what, shows and movies like The End Of The F***ing World, The Imitation Game and Sherlock have taught me is, that its oaky (that was on purpose, phrase used by another blogger, Alaska) to not like people and be open about it. And its such a good experience! To just be who you are. I’m basically a sociopath. A high-functioning sociopath. To say it in, english, I’m anti-social.

Also try finding out your personality type on And for the curious ones, here’s mine. also try finding out your Harry Potter house. Why? I DON’T KNOW!!! I got slytherin. Checked the official website!
Next up in to-do list are five novels, a t.v. series, and some movies!

Those five novels?

  1. When Breath Becomes Air, a gift from Irma!
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad, borrowed from Pavit.
  3. The Hound of The Baskervilles, borrowed from Utkarsh.
  4. Genius Ideas (Mostly), borrowed again from Utkarsh.
  5. The Diary of a Young Girl, borrowed again-you-guessed-it-right Utkarsh.

Why just the novels and not the t.v. series and the movies? Because books are gold! Nothing better than a Good book, a strong black coffee and a rainy evening! I do not necessarily want you to agree. Maybe I do. But whatever!! I think people who read books without remembering the author’s name are my favourite kind of people. I also think that if Shakespeare was subjected to it, he wouldn’t have come up with the quote,

“What’s in the name?”

Everything, you bastard! Also I’ve this weird theory which shall be discussed, if at all in the next blog.

God bless and good-bye!

The Imitation Game

Based on the Great Britain’s cryptographic quests housed in Hut 8 of the British Government Code and Cypher School, Bletchley Park; during the second installment of the Great War to break the enigma code utilised by the Luftwaffe and the Nazi Admirality, The Imitation Game, is sure to bring out the intellectual in you. Loosely based on the real story of the events that won the Allies the war, it gives you an insight into the brilliant powers and thoughts, the human brain harbors. You’ll find yourself questioning the status quo and the politics within, that lead to the sad and tragic death of Alan M. Turing, the brilliant bio-mathematical/theoretical biologist cryptographer who changed the face of the history.


With a soundtrack so amazing that you’ll sub-consciously get inside the movie, this Academy Award winner is sure to set your heart on fire.

Taught nowhere, this man’s journey through fearful odds and human limitations makes you realise how, “If a thing  thinks differently than you, doesn’t mean that its not thinking at all.”

After Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch’s contribution to the role of Alan M. Turing establishes him as the go-to man for the portrayal of a man with a discerning brain.

Precursor of the modern day computer, the bombe machine that Turing develops is named Christopher by him. A name coming from the boyhood crush of Alan who had his life shortened by bovine intestinalis. Someone who also happened to introduce Alan to codes and ciphers.

The prodigy who became a fellow at the Cambridge University at twenty-four, published a paper whose name I can barely read at twenty-three and modified the Polish de-crypter to Christopher at twenty-eight costing Germany the whole bloody war was charged with ‘Gross In-decency‘ in 1952 costing him his life.

2aedc0abcbd1eb8e926b0cdf2e551307  Alan M. Turing during his boyhood days at Sherborne School.

Where dramatization is very important for the audience to get a good grip of the story, one cannot stop pointing out the huge factual inaccuracies of this motion pitcure.

The movie fails to describe the huge impact Gordon Weltchman had on the development of the Bombe, which was actually named the Victory Bombe. The movie also shows Alan pulling the typical-stand-alone-genius routine. Which is only partially true. Mr. Turing did prefer to work alone so that he, “didn’t have to waste time explaining others as he went along.” But he most certainly didn’t have social awkwardness because of arrogance, but because of shyness.

The movie shows Alan heavily guarding his sexuality. In real life he was very open about it even during the times it was illegal in the country he called home. He is shown to have no friends but in reality he was charismatic and often was quite the comedian at work. He also wasn’t a crossword genius as is depicted in the movie; so you can breathe now.

His colleague, Hugh was simply not present in real life. Also the Soviet spy didn’t work with Alan.

No movie can exist with the protagonist being countered by a villain. And that is what the creators of the movie do. They make Commander-in-chief of the Bletchley Park, Commander Dennis the antagonist, while in reality he had worked with cryptanalysts since the early thirties and was highly supportive of Alan and his colleagues.

However the movie is a good beginning to set your grey cells straight about the intelligence machinery that shortened the war by two years saving fourteen million lives. That’s 14 with six 0s behind it. I do however recommend reading more about the enigma machine and Alan Turing himself. This movie is a must watch to uncover the truth behind the Allied effort to win the war.


Alan M. Turing was given a posthumous royal pardon by the queen in late 2013. He was awarded the Order of British Empire (OBE) and Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) after the war however remained rather less known. His death in 1954 was termed suicide due to cyanide poisoning by the inquest however various students, colleagues, and friends deem it an accident where he inhaled a poisonous amount of cyanide vapours. Speculations of murder can’t be denied either.

The horrific end that this great man met sends a shiver down to the marrow.

His biography, Alan Turing : The Enigma by Andrew Hodges provides a more accurate account of his life. Not entirely mathematical despite having a mathematician as an author, it automatically becomes a must read. For more information regarding codes and cyphers, Simon Singh‘s The Code Book is of exceptional help. In our times there have been machines who have been shaped by those easily forgotten.

The man. The legend. Alan Mathison Turing

May the great soul rest in peace.

God bless and good-bye.

My first blog!

Last week I watched the Netflix original series “The End Of The F***ing World.” And if you haven’t watched the series as of now, why are you even alive dude? Okay! Sorry that was a bit too much, but seriously WATCH THE SERIES. Now, your friendly neighbourhood man didn’t actually know of the series before his best friend, Alaska Blue made me watch the first episode at her place. Honestly, that’s because of Pavit, but whatever!


This series showcases everything, Donald Trump would hate. Honestly that’s a pretty good reason to watch the show. Coming back to the series, it is set in an English town. Which is the perhaps “most boring town on Earth.” Except for three baddass residents of the town-James, Alyssa and an old lady.

It showcases a unique bond between two teenagers-James and Alyssa. Now I’m not quite sure if you like spoilers so I won’t give any. It is somewhat like a coming of age story. It shows a single father who’s caring but slightly too much over the top; a divorced mother currently in an abusive relationship and two lesbian detectives. (One of them, black. Pretty sure Trump doesn’t dig that.) You heard that right. DE-f***ing-TECTIVES. A  mix of humour and friendship with a mild mystery blend gives a stong f*** the world vibe. And that my friend, is always good.


So, aren’t the detectives cool? You say no, and my wrath shall be endowed upon you. Sorry. I get that way sometimes.

Also if you find yourself in that f***-the-world state of mind, I highly recommend listening to Machine Gun Kelly or Sabaton.

I found this show to be appealing also because, I’ve been away for an year at boarding and that does induce a feeling of not bothering about stuff that doesn’t matter. Lets end this blog (actually a giant leap for mankind and if not atleast for me) with a piece of daddy advice.

If you’re anti-social as well then don’t just bog yourself down. Come to the internet. Besides porn there are a lot of other things that you’ll find here. And that quote, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” is actually soooooper true.

God bless and good-bye!